FAQ – Relocation and Moving

Relocation and MovingAre there items that moving companies won’t move?
Due to federal regulations, moving companies can’t move plants distances greater than 150 miles. However, if your destination is within 150 miles, then moving companies are permitted to move them. Regardless of travel distance, you should check with the movers and their individual policies.

Movers also can’t transport anything flammable or combustible, including any type of fuel, like propane tanks, tiki torch oil, or gas cans. This means you have to ensure that oil and gasoline are removed from lawn mowers, weed whackers and other power equipment. Movers can’t transport hazardous chemicals of any kind, such as pesticides, or other items that may be considered hazardous, or toxic. For example, you can’t place fertilizers within a moving van. You must find another way to transport these items.


What should we take with us on moving day?
On moving day you will want to take the essentials with you such as a change of clothes, medications, and toiletries. You also want to keep your valuables such as jewelry and family heirlooms with you. That way you know that they are safe by being able to keep track of them at all times. If you are planning on sleeping at your new residence the night of the move, mark the boxes of items you will need to unpack so that you will be able to wash your face, brush your teeth, sleep in your bed & have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Are used moving boxes OK to use?
Yes, you can re-use boxes, as long as the following conditions are met: the person or company that supplied the boxes is reputable, and the boxes have been used for only one previous move. The integrity of the boxes will begin to degrade with more than one previous use.

In the Boston-area, Benezra Boxes is a great resource for used moving boxes. They supply quality, used and new moving boxes at unbeatable prices and will even deliver them.

You can also check out U-Haul’s new online box-exchange program, a cost and environment-saving opportunity that allows the company’s sturdy boxes to be posted for reuse before eventually being recycled.

Where can we find moving boxes?
Your moving company will deliver all the moving supplies you request. U-Haul stores, Home Depot, and Lowes also sell moving boxes and supplies. There are many on-line companies that allow you to order on-line and deliver. We recommend Benezra Boxes.

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