Pat Bernabei is quite simply the best help my family has ever had. She has been so spectacular that one by one my family and our friends have all employed her, as each of us saw how amazing she is.”- Jessica K.
My office was a disaster. Sort It Out Now set up filing systems for my documents, correspondence, information, miscellaneous files and mail. My productivity has increased along with my peace of mind. I generate so much work that Sort It Out Now comes in monthly so I am able to maintain order.”
I was so overwhelmed by the mere thought of moving that I didn’t know where to begin. Sort It Out made it easy. They helped me to sort through everything and decide what I was taking, donating and throwing away. It made the move so much easier. If I were to ever move again, I wouldn’t do it without Sort It Out Now.”
This past winter my aunt passed away and Pat organized the closing of her home and the distribution of her belongings. Pat amazingly coordinated this entire project down to the smallest detail. She is cheerful and always finishes the project she is working on.”- Phyllis G.
It was GREAT meeting you, you are a joy! Knowing that you understand how difficult this has been, and putting it in your hands has lifted a tremendous stress. I try not to worry, I unfortunately became very good at it – and worry about *everything*! I have to learn to live and breathe all over again! I am not worried about the move, I KNOW I am in GREAT HANDS – I am anxious to have it finally over. In my mind!!!! My Mom is doing MUCH better with me here. Frankly, I am as well. Thank you again.”- Judy
We are so grateful that we found Pat who helped all of us all sort it out. She sensitively helped our parents make decisions, pack their possessions and prepare for the move, Not only did she get things done, she was supportive and caring every step of the way. Pat brought a mastery of the details -the administrative side of the move, so to speak. And that was great since we all live far away from Worcester. But, even more importantly she understood the emotional side and patiently helped with that, too, in a caring and loving manner. She brought a great combination of boundless energy, sensitivity, and humor to the task. Pat, we all thank you.”- Steve M.

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